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Safety in our Home

This page provides future residents and their families with essential information and valuable advice so that the new resident can settle into our home as smoothly as possible, making a sometimes difficult process easier for all concerned.


We are pleased to say that we use "The Well Pad" for all residents medications. This is a computerised system that prevents medication from being given to the:

Wrong person 

Wrong type of medication and wrong time, it is a fully auditable system that is checked by the management regulary and an email sent to the Registered Manager and Managing Director daily.


Julie our hairdresser visits our home every Thursday.


Our Chropodist is Jacquelyn Chadwich (MSSCH, MBCHA, LLB (Hons) and is registred with the HPC she visits our home every 6 weeks.



The Future of medication management

The Well Pad is a portable device, which matches the right medicine with the right resident using advanced barcode technology - It sounds simple, but it revolutionised the way medications are managed in our care homes. it simplifies the entire process, ensuring the safety of residents.

No wrong medications.

medication not given too early

Clearly identifies the resident

Clearly informs our staff of due medications.



Please call us on 01253 402366  or contact us directly using our contact form.

Bed Vacancies 

Please phone the home for the latest availability.

The Owls Care home

168 St Annes Road



For any questions or queries?

01253 402366


Alternatively, you can use our contact form.


 We would like to announce that the Owls care home is now owned byARC Community Care Ltd as of 27Th May 2016

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